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Drive Your Social Media Program With WiFi Facebook Check In

on April 18, 2017 No comments

Giving away free WiFi doesn’t mean you can’t get something in return.

Whether you run a cafe, a nightclub, or a doctors office your customers expect free WiFi these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from them in exchange for providing it. Unified Technology Solutions can provide you a guest WiFi system that will keep customers happy while growing your business through social media. Our solution will make your customers advertise for you.

According to a recent HughesNet report almost half (46%) of those surveyed said that if faced with a store that offers free wi-fi and one that wasn’t, they would choose the store with free wi-fi. When choosing between a restaurant with free wi-fi and one that does not, 66% would go with the one that allows free connectivity.

Facebook Check In Sample Page

With Facebook integration on your public WiFi systems splash page users are encouraged to “Check In for Free Internet” giving users the easy option to check in to your businesses page, by doing this they are announcing their location to friends and giving you free advertising, after check in it redirects them to your Facebook page to see your posts, specials, coupons, and the opportunity to “Like” your page so you can keep them informed of future happenings.

Facebook Visitor Insights

Not only will Facebook Integration give your social media performance a major boast but you can then use the free tools provided by Facebook to get a better idea of the demographics of your customers. You can use this info to focus your other advertising with effective targeted marketing towards the specific type of customers that you find a most profitable to your business, or to figure out which markets have the biggest opportunity for growth.

Best of all our units are cloud managed, so we can preprogram a unit and ship it to you anywhere in the US, just plug it in and your ready to start bringing your social media interaction to the next level.

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Your IT GuyDrive Your Social Media Program With WiFi Facebook Check In

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