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Facebook and Your Business

on May 16, 2017 No comments

VOIP Installation and setup, business Facebook page checking , Setup Facebook business page checkins, how to get more businessI hear it all the time, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat. all of them a waste of time. They just suck up your mental energy, good for nothing. That is just Not so!

It’s time to catch up with what’s going on out there. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are places where friends check in with each other to learn where the best deals are, where the best food is, and what services to use in their respective communities. Recently I posted about Facebook check-ins and free WIFI. Facebook Check-Ins are helping to drive traffic to local establishments. 

If you’re a business owner, one of the best things you can do is create a Facebook business page. Facebook is the most widely used social network, and often one of the first places people go to get information about a business, but many businesses don’t have a Facebook page.

Facebook is the social media goliath, and they have the data to prove it. With more than 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook is simply too big to ignore. It has more monthly active users than Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp combined. Every day, the typical American spends roughly 40 minutes on Facebook. With Facebook driving more traffic to news websites than Google, it is clear that a company Facebook page has the potential to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Having a Facebook page for your business gives you a way to talk to and get direct feedback from your target audience. Think of it like an ongoing focus group. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company, and want to learn more. While they are certainly expecting to receive useful information from your Facebook page, you can also be collecting useful information from them through their participation.

While your Facebook page may be representative of your company, it also allows you to show the human side of your business through one-on-one conversations, personal tidbits, and non-business interaction.  You can build a community on your Facebook page in a number of ways, including:

  • Posting useful, relevant and interesting links
  • Asking fans to contribute with comments
  • Organizing contests and promotions
  • Providing a place to leave reviews and other feedback
  • Offering incentives for activity on the page
  • Facebook Check-Ins. let people know that yours is a place that others care to frequent

You have to be careful that the Facebook page you create for your business if entertaining without being pushy. Informative without being demeaning. It should be a place where you can bring people together, give them content they can use, and ultimately develop a loyal following that will continue to grow.

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