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Switching to a VOIP Phone System

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VOIP phone systems for business in Vero Beach, FL

When your company uses landlines, the ability to be mobile is restricted. The ability to add lines and upgrade features is limited. The ability to integrate the company Smart Phones is limited. When you install a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) System all of those limitations and restrictions disappear. And, it’s less expensive. 

You have probably seen ads on TV for Ooma. Ooma is a VoIP phone system. It gets hooked up to your internet hardware you purchase a handset which looks and acts just like a regular landline, and there you go.

At Unified Technology Solutions we have the ability to install a much more sophisticated version of this type of phone system. It will handle multiple phones, and you never have to have additional phone lines installed in your building or office!.

Unified Technology Solutions is a Kerio Preferred Partner and offers their affordable, fully scalable, easily managed Kerio Operator Voice over IP system (VoIP). It is based on an open source framework that includes all the features you would expect in a PBX phone system.

Just as you would on a standard PBX system the features such as auto attendant, Voicemail to email, Fax to Email, integration with Sales Software and Conference room calls are standard in our VoIP systems. The cost saving is significant and the features are the same plus more.

Should you have multiple office locations it will seamlessly handle those as well. You can answer phone calls from anywhere because there is no landline to restrict you. Calls don’t need to be forwarded, they simply ring where you direct them to. The systems are relatively easy to maintain, and you could do it yourself, or for the sake of continuity, we can install and maintain it for you.

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VOIP business phone systems in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Sebastian


Your IT GuySwitching to a VOIP Phone System

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