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Information Technology and the End User

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IT was long the realm of the Information management department and it’s people. With the advances in Mobile technology and portability, that monopoly has begun to fray around the edges. Today, more of the IT decisions are being driven by the people who actually use the software and the devices in their work for the company. In our line of work, all too often  we see the frustration when the software used for different applications within companies are data processing friendly and highly end-user UNfriendly. The good news is software and hardware companies are getting the point and the end-user is no longer in the mystery realm, they know how to use their smart phones and tablets. If they don’t like the software they’re being forced to use, they will go find something which works for them and simply work around management to get their work done. 

The approach more companies are migrating toward is to involve end users in the choice of software applications :””That’s where we’re seeing the consumerization effect that’s leading our [enterprise] customers to believe they need a better enterprise strategy,” Coutinho continued, “and now if that strategy involves mobility, we need to think about collaboration – and if it involves collaboration we need to think about mobility.”  So Says  Senior Reporter, Computerworld

His article on Computerworld’s site goes on to say that desktop phones and landlines are falling by the way side. More often, these days, managment and staff within companies  have already migrated away from fixed assets in communications. Meaning,  landlines and fixed phone systems are giving way to phone systems using Voice Over Internet Protocols or VoIP, which allows a tremendous amount of flexibility for growing companies, coupled with Smart Phones is the way most people are working. The newer, connected style of phone systems allow a smoother integrations of  Smart Phones and tablets into the company network of computers and phones. When the flexibility of the new phone systems is coupled with the more poluar and flexibe software Applications, everyone is  happier, and  they are able to talk to everybody. It allows things to be done collboratively, where resources can be shared, and the time it takes for things to be completed is cut down exponentially.

Applications people will readiy use, on devices they are already familiar with, keeping the data where each person who needs it can readily access it, are all things which can make your company more efficient and keep your people happy at the same time. It can be done.

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