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Will You Still Need to Type?

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI and voice recognition are gaining traction. The technology which enables us to communicate with computer and devices via voice commands has come along way in a short period of time. Today you will probably encounter more people using some form of AI, then you will people who aren’t. Don’t think YOU are? Have you said OK Google, take me to the nearest Outback Steakhouse? That’s using AI and Speech recognition. There was no typing required to get your directions or access your favorite music.

Long a platform for the shopping and music industry, AI is evolving into a more sophisticated tool which is going to make it Main stream even in the workplace. And I don’t mean just asking if it’s time for lunch yet. In the near future, now that voice recognition has become more reliable, the applications for how it will be used are going to be expanding.

From Computerworld:

“A disruptive technology on the move

During a keynote presentation at Enterprise Connect, Dave Isbitski, Amazon chief evangelist for Echo and Alexa, said that voice interfaces would be the “next major disruption in computing,” with clear applications with business settings.

“It is that idea of ambient computing, the idea that at any time I could just say ‘Alexa start my meeting,’ ‘Alexa how are my sales figures?’ or ‘Alexa I forgot to shut off the projector in the conference room please shut that off for me.’

“It is very natural, it is very spontaneous,” Isbitski said. “And all of this is happening because of the advancements we have seen in what is called NLU, or natural language understanding. And that is the difference – it is understanding context.”

Collin Davis, general manager of Alexa for Business, said virtual assistants are already helping employees get work done.

“What we are finding is a really interesting shift is happening, where voice is offering up almost another dimension of multi-tasking, where workers sitting at their desk can use Alexa almost as a vocal multi-tasker to be able to get information quickly without losing focus,” Davis said.

I don’t know how many of you have watched Star Trek shows, but all of this talk of voice recognition and computers brings to mind Captain Picard saying firmly in his deep voice, “Computer” followed by a question or a command.

So, in answer to my headline, will you still need to type? Perhaps not for much longer.

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