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The Business Phone Systems of today are no longer ones which use landlines. Today, savvy business owners are switching to VoIp. In the days when VoIp first came on the scene it was a novelty. The sound quality was terrible and the line quality was even worse. But that was a long, long time ago. Now, VoIp is virtually indistinguishable from land line quality, and in some areas I would venture to say that it’s better than land line quality. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol is dependent upon the speed and quality of the internet cable it’s using, and I am witness to the fact  the speed and quality of our Internet lines is a world away from what it was 20 years ago. With new advances coming in the very near future, everything about VoIP has improved exponentially. It’s only going to get faster and more efficient as the more powerful 5G communications is rolled out. It’s said that 5G wireless is going to give better sound quality, reduce any lag time or echoes you might experience in your current systems. The data transfer speeds you can expect from the 5G networks will be up to 10 times faster than with a 4G network, and more reliable.

The internet is going to grow and change because there will be more room to do things we haven’t conceived that we could do over long distances. VoIp is no different. Every advance in speed and reliability only enhances the capability of a VoIp network. Allowing AI to be integrated with your phone system With the phone system to integrate directly with your SalesForce software, with your social media software and to keep your tablets and cell phones all working together. It truly is an exciting time in the Internet worlds. And a time of endings for the land line arena.

Why are landlines going away? It’s simple economics. The labor costs of maintaining a network and infrastructure necessary to run a landline company are too high. With cable quality enhanced as it is, there is no need for landlines and the phone companies no longer want to support them.

If your company doesn’t have a VoIp system yet, or if you have one that’s over three years old, give us a call. We can come in, check out what you’ve got in place, and let you know if you’re system is doing fine, or if it’s time to upgrade.

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