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What Happens When You DON’T Let Windows Update Your Software

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Admit it. You don’t always let your operating system perform it’s regularly scheduled updates. You may even be slow in moving from one software version up to the next one. We all get comfortable with what we have, it’s a human trait, but to neglect updates on software is not only wrong, it’s down right dangerous for your data!

Back in the spring of 2017 there was a powerful virus released by hackers which would embed itself in your files and unless you paid a ransom, it would not release them. I don’t know about your company, but the ones I work with certainly cannot afford to have their data held for ransom. If you don’t want the hassle of software updates while you or your staff are in the midst of a busy work day, schedule the updates to happen in the evening when everyone has gone home, but do schedule them, because this is what is going to happen if your don’t:

Quote from Popsci.com

“There was a time when anti-virus software was the height of computer security, especially if you were a Windows user. But the landscape of threats has changed, and we live in an era of sweeping, global campaigns, like the ransomware “WannaCry” infection and the more recent Ukraine-focused “NotPetya” attack. What role does anti-virus and antimalware software play in keeping your machine safe? We spoke with four security experts to hear what they had to say.

Take the WannaCry malware attack, also known as WannaCrypt, which struck machines running Windows in May. Microsoft had already provided a software update about two months before, in March, that protected customers running operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows Vista from WannaCry. Machines that hadn’t been updated or that were running older versions like Windows XP were left vulnerable. And Microsoft says that users who were running Windows 10, the most current version of the operating system, weren’t affected by that attack.

As for a recent attack last month, called “Petya” or “NotPetya,” Microsoft said in an article that most of those infections happened in computers running Windows 7.

Don’t forget to keep your anti-virus software, like Windows Defender, updated too. The software can’t fight a threat it doesn’t yet know about, and that information is typically found in regular updates.”

No, it’s not fun to learn a new operating system. Yes, it’s an interruption to download software updates. But just like anything else in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, take it seriously when we say it’s time to update your operating system. And let those updates we scheduled for you do their thing. It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security, but be aware, there are some pretty highly skilled software engineers working day and night to protect our software, all you have to do is accept their help.

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Your IT GuyWhat Happens When You DON’T Let Windows Update Your Software

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