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Making the Decision-VoIp Versus Landlines

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Landline versus VoIP phone system. Which one should you choose? It’s a difficult choice, but if we put in into perspective, it’s like choosing between a classic car and a newer one. A classic car has a history of performance, it’s a known entity. Business PBX systems have been around since forever. The issue is this, will they still be around as your company grows and expands? The answer is, probably not.

Companies like AT&T are no longer introducing new features or upgrades for their landline systems. In fact, they have actually been working to phase out their current landline systems. The wiring is old, the maintenance is more difficult and more people are switching from landlines to digital phone systems, or simply using their cell phone as their primary phone.

From this post on Market Insider:

” … The National Center for Health Statistics recently released a study showing landline phone use has dropped significantly over the past 12 years, with 53.9% of all U.S. households now depending solely on cellphones for their communication needs, up from 15.8% in 2006.

(1) AT&T has long planned to phase out landline use by the year 2020, and other service providers are expected to follow their lead.

(2) These changes will not only impact households, but businesses, as well. “This switch in methods of communication isn’t just about individuals,” says Amr Ibrahim, CEO of ULTATEL and small-business enthusiast. “The extinction of landlines will mean major changes for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.” Ibrahim asserts that business owners must embrace new technology or risk being left behind.”

Businesses have revealed that they’re already dropping landline use and opting for more advanced means of communication. In 2010, more than 10 million businesses were using fixed-line phones; however, that number has now fallen to just 6.4 million.

(3) And the United States isn’t the only nation leaving landlines behind; some European countries boast wireless-only users in 80–90% of their households. The accountant firm PwC has already dropped landlines in 24 of their UK-based offices. Some researchers point toward these statistics as evidence that the sharp decline in landline use will continue in the United States, where individuals prefer their wireless devices.”

Beyond the fact that landlines are being phased out, there are so many ways VoIP systems integrate with your entire network. Cell phones can be integrated into the VoIP system, call logging and tracking, tablet integration. With VoIP, you office can literally be anywhere and no one will be the wiser. Voicemails can go to text so you and your staff will know instantly whether a client needs to get to you quickly or its something which can be scheduled for later, or delegated to another staff member. Your VoIP system can be integrated into your CRM software so your people aren’t tasked with having to manage several different applications.

Still not certain how to proceed? Give us a call and we can look at your current operation, and work with you to develop a plan or moving forward.

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Your IT GuyMaking the Decision-VoIp Versus Landlines

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