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Creating and Designing a Computer Network for Business

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how to design and implement a network for business, computer network design and installationWhat is involved in creating and designing a computer network for your business? Well, you would be surprised to know there can be quite a bit of strategy and number crunching which goes into designing then building a strong, robust computer network for your business.

The first step in designing a computer network for a business is to make a detailed plan of exactly how the business will be using the network, and how many users will there be.

The next step is to list all the current software applications you run on your network, and then factor in what applications you foresee adding on in the near future. It’s always a good idea to have a little more power than you need.

If you will be creating and managing large databases, or inventory tracking systems, it may be more beneficial to put those large applications in the cloud.

It’s also important for us, or your systems analyst, to make a study of your current operations. During that study, there could be things that come up which can be performed more efficiently with the addition of newer software or hardware. Often, there are programs or data on your current network that no longer work for your data processing needs. Those take up valuable space and should be archived.

Old data should also be taken off the system and stored elsewhere. You notice I did not say deleted because there is a chance you might need something. At the same time, it should not be taking up valuable storage or processing power. Back it up, put it somewhere safe and move on.

Considering the physical constraints of the current building or space your occupy is also important. Everything needs a place, and people should have a work environment they feel comfortable in.

Where are the servers going to be stored? Is backup moving to the cloud? What is the forecasted growth of your company? Are you planning on building a more robust internet presence? If you have employees who will be telecommuting, is your network able to handle the security when there are a number of remote devices accessing your network?

These are all things to be considered when you are planning for the new year, and before you make a move to a different location.

We can help. Give us a call.

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Your IT GuyCreating and Designing a Computer Network for Business

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