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We have a hurricane heading in our direction. If it does hit, then no one knows how long our homes and businesses will be down for. Should we get anything close to what Harvey unloaded in Texas and Louisiana, we could be in serious trouble.

In our personal lives, most of us have headed out to the stores to stock up on water, batteries, dry goods, emergency kits and food. As the hurricane moves nearer, we will probably put up our hurricane shutters. These are preventative measures we take ensure we will have the ability to survive should catastrophe stike.

One preventative measure we always encourage our customers to use is BACKUP. Backup to the Cloud, Backup to a drive, backup to a DVD, just backup your critical data, and your system software. 
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System Backups

The most effective form of backup for those of us who live close to the water in a subtropical environment is Cloud Backup. The servers where most cloud backups are stored are probably well inland, they probably have redundancy and they will most likely NOT be affected greatly by a coastal hurricane.

Now, we could get lucky like we did during Matthew, and the hurricane could veer off and we will only experience a short power outage and some downed trees. That would be optimal. But if it does hit us, it will be difficult enough to get back to business without having to recreate your data bases.

So please, after you take the regular precautions, make the next priority to BACK UP YOUR SOFTWARE and YOUR DATA. If you need help, give us a call.

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