Hand drawing Network. Drawn with white chalk on a blackboard.

Who can install and maintain your computer network? We can! Unified Technology Solutions.  In fact we can provide most any type of service your company will need in the tech arena.

We can help you :

  1.  plan your network, decide on the models and numbers of Personal Computers you will need
  2.   research and procure the proper equipment and software for your Network and databases needs
  3.  Purchase and install the routers and switches the network will require
  4. . Unified Technology solutions can also build a strong backup and recovery plan for your business.
  5.  Install and test antivirus and anti-Malware software
  6.  Install the equipment and test it thoroughly
  7.  Setup Help Desk support for your company.
  8.  Interface with Comcast to ensure yu have the correct Internet access plan for your business computing needs
  9.  Unified Tech Solutions will make certain all of your peripheral devices interface properly on the network. ie Printers, scanners, Fax machines.
  10.  We also install and maintain a great alternative to expensive and cumbersome land lines, it’s called VoIP, and our VoIP systems will also integrate and work well with your Mobile phones

In fact, before you begin to work on a plan for adding to your computer network or upgrading older hardware and buying new software, call us in. It almost always saves you money and frustration in the long run if we are in on the design concept from the beginning. We will know what kind of memory you will need, how much processing power is going to be required, and which stations can afford to have computers which have a little less power. Saving a few hundred dollars on one of your workhorse computers may seem like a good idea at the time of purchase, but when that computer takes forever to complete tasks and searches, the initial savings will become insignificant and the sheer frustration will continue to grow.

Laying out the specs for the type of computing work you will be dong, and purchasing computers with the right amount of power in the first place will ensure a much better outcome.

So, who can not only install and maintain your computer network, but also help you to design it as well? We can! Unified Technology Solutions.

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