The holidays are coming up fast. We are almost at the very end of what was, for many here in Vero Beach, one of the busiest and most productive in their company’s history. And we want to do that again next year. What about you?

Companies located here in the Vero Beach Area are expanding, and if you are one of those companies, please think about having us come in and build an IT Plan for your business. Even if you have a CIO, he or she could perhaps use a hand in planning for expansions or upgrades of your computers, servers, cloud backup and office phones.

Do you know what we mean by Managed IT Services? I read this explanation from Forbes magazine that explains it pretty well, see what you think:;

““Managed services can deliver a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from computing, storage and networking resources to mobility management, cybersecurity, email and unified communications, including telephony services. The common thread is that, along with the capabilities themselves, the best service providers also offer ongoing management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, service guarantees and end-user support.” — Forbes

We perform all of those functions for companies, from helping them to select and purchase the right style and size of computer for each person in their organization, to integrating tablets and cell phones into their existing computing infrastructure.

To keep all of these components running and in top notch condition, we also install anti malware and anti virus software. Give us a call, set up an appointment for First of the year and we will get things going for your company.

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