Data loss can happen unexpectedly at any time. Failed hard drives, accidental deletion, computer viruses and many other situations threaten the safety of your data. Just imagine if you came into work tomorrow and your Quickbooks database or the presentation you’ve been working on all week for a potential client was gone! A good backup plan includes the right mix of local and remote backups. If you need a dependable, automated solution that truly protects all of your data, give us a call. Unified Technology Solutions offers custom backup solutions that will keep your important files safe from data loss.

  • Cloud-based Backup

    By integrating cloud based backups, aUnified Technology Solutions backup strategy keeps data safe from physical data loss threats. Plus no more need to remember to reload tapes or other media.

  • Secure Solution

    Our cloud based backups are always encrypted during transfer and storage, and if physical security is a concern we can encrypt local backups as well to prevent data theft.

  • Completely Automatic

    Never forget to make a backup again. A Unified Technology Solutions tech will work with you to make sure all important files will automatically back up on a set schedule.

  • Multiple Revisions

    Unified Technology Solutions stores a number of data revisions so you can access older versions of a file. If file corruption is not caught right away simply roll back to a previous version and your back in business.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, power surges, viruses, employee mistakes, or sabotage, – there are simply too many ways to lose business-critical data. uSafe Backup Services from Unified Technology Solutions helps to ensure that your data will survive. Data is securely copied to both onsite and offsite locations away from any disasters that could happen to your business.
Unified Technology Solutions trained technicians will monitor your backups and notify you of any issues that occur so you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe. uSafe is the complete solution for your business backup needs featuring security, robust version control, and peace of mind!

How much is the piece of mind you get knowing your data is safe worth?

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