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uDial by Unified Technology Solutions is a cloud based PBX system that offers their affordable, scalable, easily managed Voice over IP phone service (VoIP). It includes all the features you would expect in a PBX phone system. Ring groups, call forwarding, find/follow me, call queues, busy lamp field (BLF), paging, and auto-attendant but also includes advanced features like Voicemail to Email, Fax to Email, Call Logging, and Conference Rooms. Kerio Operator uses the latest VoIP technologies to provide features impossible to get on older systems and at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a new onsite PBX phone system.

  • Remote / Soft Phones

    Do you have a small remote office or employees who work from home? Unified Technology Solutions can put a phone at their remote site as if they were in the office. Workers can also answer and return phone calls from their PC or smart phone while out of the office.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Voicemail messages can forward to any email address while you are out of the office.

  • Connect Remote Offices

    VoIP technology allows you to talk to and transfer calls between offices in different physical locations for free.

  • Fax to PDF / PDF to Fax

    Ditch the paper and reduce your carbon footprint by receiving faxes directly to your email and fax without printing!

  • No Contract

    With no long term contracts to sign it allows your system to grow and shrink with your business needs.

  • Sales Force Integration

    Kerio Operator also offers click-to-dial and call logging intigration with the popular Salesforce CRM.

SIP Trunking Saves You Money

The advancements in our solution continue beyond the phone at your desk. By using SIP Trunking, you make use of your high-speed Internet connection to provide you a low cost phone service. We have seen customers drop their monthly phone bills by as much as 66%.

Need a “full featured” phone system without the “full featured” cost?

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