Technical Support

Stellar technical support is essential to a solid business foundation. our knowledgeable staff is capable and ready to keep your industry machine well oiled and running smoothly.

Service Plans

Looking for an easy way to budget your IT costs? Don’t want to get hit with high costs in case of a major problem?

Our Full Contract provides you with a set flat rate for all your Business IT needs, and unlike many of our competitors we don’t have fine print the cuts out things like Server Installs and we don’t limit the number of New PC installs per month.

Also included:

  • Remote Monitoring of Servers & Backups
  • Desktop & Server Managed Anti-Virus
  • Cloud Backups for Servers
  • Yearly audits of all your telecom contracts

Are you just looking for someone to keep an eye on your network?

Our Monitoring Contract includes all the remote monitoring of our full contract but with hourly billing for problems. We also include up to one hour per month troubleshooting backup issues, and Anti-Virus or Cloud Backup are available for an additional fee.

Just looking for occasional support?

UTS Hourly Contract uses the old Break/Fix model, this simply means you call us when something breaks and we charge you an hourly fee to fix it. This keeps costs low in slow months, but can open you up for large bills when something goes wrong.

DaveTechnical Support