If you have started a new business here on the Treasure Coast, or if you are an existing business which is about to expand in this more robust economy, you may need our help. If you aren’t certain as to why that is, let me share some things with you that can clarify my statements.

One of my clients asked us the other day, “Brian and Mike, who are your ideal clients?” and it was difficult for us to pinpoint. Because we have all different types and sizes of companies we service. Who would be our ideal client? We think the ideal client is one who brings us in before they even open their doors.

All too often, men and women who are starting a new business get all excited, and they run down to Best Buy, grab the computers with the most reasonable prices, a few inexpensive printers, come cable and think they are ready and set to go. Then, when nothing works they way it should, they call us to try to fix everything. Have you hear those stories about people who try to do their own plumbing and how much more money it costs them in the end? It’s the same situation when intelligent people, with great business ideas and very little in-depth knowledge about how to efficiently operate a network system try to do things on their own.

It would be a dream come true, both for us and this ideal client, if instead of purchasing even one single thing, that client would call us up, and we could go over their business plan, check out their site, learn what their processing needs are and build them a system from the ground up. Believe me, it would take us a lot less time and cost them MUCH less money to do it this way.

They say it’s a fool who represents himself in a trial. Mike and I are not about to call you  fools, but we are here to say, let us help you do it right the FIRST time!! At UTS, its our goal to assist you in planning a system which will grow with you as your company grows. With the right size servers, the type of desktops and laptops that are made for heavy workflows and phone systems which can support your business as it grows.

So, whether you are starting a news business here on the Treasure Coast, or growing your existing business, don’t run out to the nearest big box store to purchase your computers, call us and we will build a plan with you.

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