Network Cloud Computing & IT Managemant Services for Companies in the Vero Beach Area

You might ask us why we named our company Unified Technology Solutions? Why didn’t we simply call your company “We Repair and Install Computers?”  We called ourselves  Unified Technology Solutions for the simple reason that we don’t just install computers, or repair computer problems, we help you manage all your IT challenges, and get the most out of your technology budget.

There are times when simply repairing a computer hardware issue can get you up and running again. But often times, that is simply not the case. There can be issues with malware, systems crashes, software bugs, and any number of problems. If you have a relatively large complex network, there are other maintenance issues which you will have to deal with as well. Unified Technology Solutions is a company that exists to meet all of those needs and more. We want to be your IT and Tech Support department, not just a computer repair company that you only call on when there is a problem.

By having a company like ours under contract, we can even help to prevent some of the problems your company could encounter. We start by installing network monitoring tools so we can get a better view of your system and servers.  Using these tools Unified Technology Solutions can spot problems and bottlenecks before they affect you and your employees.

Unified Technology Solutions also offers:

  • Technical Support – Stellar technical support  to keep your computers “well oiled” and running smoothly.
  • Backup  –  We can build a secure network with a reliable on-site or cloud based backup system that will give you the peace of mind that your data is safe and protected.
  • Security –  Designing security camera systems that are both economical and functional. Let us work together to create the ideal surveillance system for you.
  • Email and Phone Support – With  business class email and phone system options that are more affordable for small businesses.
  • Help Desk: for those times when there is an issue, but we can help you resolve it with just a phone call.

Network Cloud Computing & IT Management Services for Companies in the Vero Beach Area