We, at Unified Technology Solutions,  know that most of you, as business owners, dread having to deal with computer issues, but in 2019, computers are an integral part of our lives. Businesses run on them, our data packages run on them. Let’s face it, businesses are tied into their computers and without them, nothing gets accomplished.

Most of us are fairly adept at using our laptops, desktop, tablets, and smartphones as tools to generate information and communicate. When the hard issues come up, it’s not an area you work in every day as we do. You are going to need an IT specialist. If hiring a full time IT Staff to manage your systems is still financially out of reach. So what should you do?

One solution, if your operation can support it, is to have at least one in house person as a go-to for IT issues. A trained analyst who can quickly help in the event of tech issue, and who also acts as the contact point for any further assistance you might need. It’s also important to have the number of a reliable IT Company at your fingertips.

So what should you be looking for when choosing an IT company?

Easy Access

This should be a basic requirement when you are choosing an IT support company. You need to establish and develop a good working relationship and one that builds trust.

If you run your own business it is unlikely that you only work 9-5 Monday – Friday in the office and you need IT support to be available to you when you need it, as an extension of your team.  In fact, it’s a good idea to have your tech team monitoring your system’s performance at all times.

The IT experts at Unified Technology Solutions prefer to take a more active role and be proactive when it comes to finding issues before they are problems. For a flat monthly price, we start by installing network monitoring tools on every PC and Server so we can get a better view of your system’s performance, using these tools Unified Technology Solutions can spot problems and bottlenecks before they affect you and your employees

You need to find an IT support company who can offer you different levels of support depending on the size of your company, your budget, and your requirements. At UTS, we offer services ranging from When you call UTS you don’t get put on the schedule for next week, you will quickly get a technician with the latest remote support tools who are ready to help solve your problem right away.

For example, if you are a charity, you might look to pay for a service when you need it, rather than opt for a monthly contract.

Ultimately you need an IT support company who understands your business needs fully. They will be supporting your business alongside you, understanding your workflow and looking for areas where you can increase your profitability.

When you choose an IT support company make sure that you have evidence in past results from other clients – that the IT support has been reliable, cost-effective and trustworthy.

The right IT support company will understand that whether it is your laptop, network or server that is down – it is costing you time and money with every minute that ticks by.